I believe a beautiful photo is created when the photographer artfully balances colour, light, and texture with the precise settings of the camera. But for me, a captivating photo is created when the photographer balances these elements while connecting with the person they’re photographing​​​​​​​.
I’m Miles Noel, a Perth-born creative with a passion for connecting with people and learning their stories. Since I was young I’ve been excited by colours and textures, and I was always seeking out new adventures and experiences. I love how photography combines these passions. My background is in graphic design, and for the last 10 years I’ve focused my creative brain on the craft of photography.
I approach each project with enthusiasm and positivity, as I want to create a fun and relaxed experience for the people I’m capturing. I want people to feel joy through smiles, laughs, and movement, when they’re in front of the camera and when they see their photos.
While working in marketing at the start of my career, I recognised the growing need for visual content to promote business on digital platforms. High-quality, engaging photography sets small businesses apart. As a graphic designer, I understand colour, composition, and real life applications, which brings strength to developing promotional materials for small businesses.  
I’m driven by diversity. I enjoy working with big and small businesses and clients from different industries. Some of my favourite projects have helped promote the WA Museum, Fringeworld, The Girls School Cinema, the City of Melville, City of Perth, Scitech, Open House Perth, and many more.
Let’s work together. I’d love to hear from you.
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